Best SEO Practices for Web Designers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors for a Web site. So, it is important to understand SEO for a web designer or blogger to make a website SEO friendly. But most of the web designers are not familiar with SEO and most of them even don’t know What is SEO. Today’s competitive Job market, it is most important for a web designer to know everything related to his/her job. So, if you don’t know much more about SEO, you must learn SEO to serve your clients better.Best SEO Practices for Web Designers

Today, I’m going to share some Best SEO Practices for Web Designers, which will help you to learn some part of SEO for web designing.

Website Layout and Navigation

Website layout is one of the major facts for today’s SEO. You must design your website layout user friendly by linking all major pages together. When Search Engine spider crawls website homepage, you need to ensure that, the spider finds all of pages easily and index them properly.

Web site browser loves to browse a website with well navigation that also loved by search engines like Google. So, Navigation must be the top priority for a web designer to design a web site search engine friendly as well as user friendly.

Title and Meta Description

Optimized title tag is another important part of a website SEO that helps to get more traffic from Search Engines. An optimized title tag should be optimized with targeted keywords of a site. Most of the web designers use the same title tag for maximum pages of a website that is harmful for SEO. So, you must use a different title tag for different pages.

Meta Description is the most important part of on-page SEO. A Meta description provides a short description for a particular page of a website. Search Engine show results in SERP according to Meta description. A Meta description should be 150 characters or less.

URL Structure

After Meta Description, URL Structure is important for a website to get a good position in Search Engine Results Page. You must optimize every single page URL with keywords and keep it short but descriptive as possible. URL structure is a big factor for search engine ranking.

Image and Video Optimization

Search Engines can’t read images or video content. So you must optimize images and video for search engines. Use ALT tags and proper title to optimize images. Don’t use copyrighted images or videos on website; it will hurt your ranking.

Website Loading Time

More than 40% browsers deprive websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. So you must design a website with fresh coding language that load fast.

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