8 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Website Design

A web site is one of the most important elements for your company or business. It works as a virtual store/place for your business. So that, you need to ensure that, visitors will not exit your website immediately after landing the website. A well designed website ensure it and helps to generate maximum revenue from your business. To make your website user friendly, SEO friendly and make it usable, you can apply these 8 secret techniques.Techniques To Improve Your Website Design

8 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Website Design

Number#1 | Logo

A logo is one of the most important parts of your business that express value of your brand. So you need to put your business/company/brand into your website. Keep it the logo on the header section on your site. Use a high quality logo with high resolution. Link the logo to your website homepage, so that visitors can easily navigate to home page.

Number#2 | Page Layout

Page layout is another important fact for a well designed website. It is most important to keep your website structure simple but attractive so that visitors can easily find their desirable information. The Ideal length of a page is 1000-1500 pixel and width is 770 pixels. It is also important to use the same layout and show menu in every single page and posts on your website.

Number#3 | User Friendly Navigation

Navigation of a website should be user friendly. Visitors don’t like to visit a website that is hard to find the proper information. You can use the top menu and side menu as you want, but the menu must float to engage more readers easily.

Number#4 | Clean and Secure Code

We know that website loading time is a most important fact for a website because if the website loading time is too high, visitors will exit your website immediately. It’s also harmful for SEO. So, you must use clean code in your website that helps to improve website loading time. Secure code helps to keep your website secure from hacking attempts, various etc.

Number#5 | Optimize for Mobile

Now-a-days, most of the web browsers like to browser website using mobile, tab or small devices. So we need to optimize our website for mobile like devices to get more visitors and engage more readers.

Number#6 | Images

Use the right image for every single page, post or topic is important for a website. It is also good to use high-resolution images to attract readers easily and quickly. Optimizing images with proper size, title, the ALT tag is also important to get maximum impression.

Number#7 | Call –to-action

Implementing proper call-to-action is important to increase the conversion rate as well as get maximum revenue. You need to drive your visitors to sales page easily and quickly with the help of call-to-action, proper navigation, layout and typography.

Number#8 | Social Share and Follow Buttons

Include social share and follow the buttons on every single page of your website. It helps to share your contents through readers and follow your company/business social profiles. It is helpful to engage more readers and get more returning traffic.

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