Top 10 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2016

Building a website that makes money is not too easy. Millions of websites are available in the web and most of them build with so many mistakes. To get maximum conversion rate from a website, you should design and develop your website perfectly. A website with proper navigation, layout, readability, color schema etc. will help to generate maximum conversion rate as well as helps to get more profits from business. But most of the experts makes several mistakes during web design and development. If they want, they can easily avoid those mistakes. As web technology change day-by-day, so you should care about web design mistakes.Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

So, today I’m going to share top 10 web design mistakes you should avoid in 2016 to get more traffic, conversions rate as well as more benefits from business.

Top 10 Web Design Mistakes

Number#1 | Promiscuous Content Layout

Content layout is one of the most important fact for a website that helps to engage more reader and increase conversion rate. You should build your web site content layout in a way so that visitors can easily find out their desirable information easily and quickly. The success of designing a website depends on its layout. Most of the web designers just use a block for content and do not organize content with headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points etc. that is harmful for a website.

Number#2 | Deteriorative Navigation

Providing better user experience to a website visitors is one of the most important challenge for a website owners. So you should design a website in way so that visitors will get better user experience. Using proper navigation in a website during designing process is most important for better user experience. You should use proper menu, sub-menu and interlink your website each pages/posts to get maximum user engagement.

Number#3 | Search Box Missing

Now-a-days, most of the web designers do not include search box in website that is one of the biggest web design mistakes. A search box in a website will help visitors to find their desirable information easily and quickly by searching website. If your site do not have a search box and when visitors will not find their desirable information in landing page, they will leave your website immediately.

Number#4 | Poor Readability

Readability is a conclusive component of a website that should be perfect for better user engagement as well as conversion rate. A good interface with attractive text and images will attract visitor’s attention easily and quickly. You should use proper text size and formats to increase readability of your site users.

Number#5 | Sluggish Use of Color and Contrast

It may hard for new web designers to use proper color and contrast in a website. But it is not too hard, you just need to understand what looks good and attractive. You should understand color theory properly and implement in your tasks.

Number#6 | Font Optimization

Using proper font on a website will increase the readability and beauty of the website. You should optimize website font properly so that visitors can scan information easily and quickly. Some web designers use some uncommon and fancy fonts on website to increase beauty but they don’t think is the font readable or not? If your readers can’t read the text properly, so where is the success of your website?

Number#7 | Images and Video Optimization

Images and video also important contents for a website. We should implement images and video in website properly. The image should be in proper size and look clean and fresh. You should also use high regulation images to attract visitor’s attention easily.

Number#8 | Complicated Registration Forms

Almost all business and corporate website need to use a registration form in their website to provide different facilities to their readers and customers. They also collect information through the registration form. But you should remember that, the registration from should be easy to fill-up and there should be nothing complicated.

Number#9 | No Contact Information and About Page

About page with company/business/service/product information and contact page with contact information is the heart of a website. But still now, most of the web designers makes mistake to include a contact page or about page in their website.

Number#10 | Inappropriate or No Call-to-Action

What is your website conversion rate, how many sales will occur and how much you will get benefited from your website is mainly depends on call-to-action. You should implement proper call-to-action in your website.

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