Laravel Training Course in Dhaka Bangladesh

Laravel is one of the latest and most popular PHP Framework that people like to use build the professional, business and corporate website. The Framework secure enough to build any kind high secure website or online store. Some people also use Laravel to develop web application.

We are Master Tech BD offering in-depth and professional Laravel Training Course in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have Laravel expert trainer who provide step-by-step guideline to build a professional Laravel Project. As we are a leading Web Solution Service Provider in this country, so we work with Laravel Framework and enroll our students on Live Projects. This helps our students to learn practically from live project. After completing this course, anyone can build their own Laravel Project and Work as a professional and Expert Laravel Developer.

Basic Requirements for Laravel Training Course

  • Should have good knowledge on PHP
  • Should have basic knowledge on MySql
  • Should have basic concept on Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Have experience with live PHP project will get advantage

Course Outline Overview

  • A�A� Getting started with Laravel 5
  • A�A�A�A�Laravel 5 MVC
  • A�A�A�A�Laravel 5 routing
  • A�A�A�A�Installing Composer and command line tool
  • A�A�A�A�Blade essentials
  • A�A�A�A�Resource controllers
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  • A�A�A�A�Laravel 5 Route groups and Filters
  • A�A�A�A�Working with database
  • A�A�A�A�Eloquent CRUD
  • A�A�A�A�Laravel 5 query builder
  • A�A�A�A�Eloquent relations
  • A�A�A�A�Laravel 5 Migrations
  • A�A�A�A�Laravel 5 Database seeding
  • A�A�A�A�Forms and validations
  • A�A�A�A�Setting up Laravel form
  • A�A�A�A�Validating a form
  • A�A�A�A�Creating Admin Post Resource
  • A�A�A�A�Creating a front end
  • A�A�A�A�Setting up the blog
  • A�A�A�A�Securing the admin panel
  • A�A�A�A�Handling Routing
  • A�A�A�A�Establishing an HTML view
  • A�A�A�A�Creating tables with schema Builder
  • A�A�A�A�Enabling version control with migrations
  • A�A�A�A�Querying with eloquent ORM
  • A�A�A�A�Displaying Laravel code
  • A�A�A�A�Working with Blade templating
  • A�A�A�A�DefiningA� conditions
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  • A�A�A�A�IntegratingA� form elements
  • A�A�A�A�Setting up authentication
  • A�A�A�A�Creating a registration form
  • A�A�A�A�Securing content
  • A�A�A�A�Testing Laravel code
  • A�A�A�A�Setting up PHP Unit
  • A�A�A�A�Running a initial test
  • A�A�A�A�Handling framework assertions
  • A�A�A�A�Building a Laravel application
  • A�A�A�A�Authenticating users in Laravel application
  • A�A�A�A�Deploying Laravel code in application

Course Fee

Total Class: 25

Per Class: 2 Hours

Per Week: 3 Classes

Course Fee: 18,000 BDT. 15,000BDT.

Upcoming Batch

Upcoming Batch will start 15th April, 2016.

For Any Kind of Information, Please Knock at

Address: 24/12-A, Khilji Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207


Phone: +88 02 914 2222

Mobile: +88 01511 01 9999

Skype: mastertechbd

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